How Tubeless Tires Work – All You Should Know

How Tubeless Tires Work

Are you thinking about getting rid of flat tires? Let us learn how tubeless tires work with various tire designs, rims, and sealants.

The popularity of tubeless tires is increasing more and more among mountain bikers. Tubeless tire feature was added to car tires long ago. Currently, this feature is surprisingly gaining access in the bikers world.

Tubeless tires are made in such a way that the tire, rim, and seated valve steams are entirely airtight. It includes a special sealant that helps the tire to keep the air intact. The bead of a tubeless tire is locked onto the rim.

If you think it is time to convert your mountain bike tires into tubeless ones, this article can assist you.

How Tubeless Tires Work?

Three main parts of tubeless tire coordinate with one another,

  • Tires
  • Rims and
  • Sealant

Comparison between Standard, Tubeless, and UST Bike Rims

Rim design includes different varieties in a tubeless tire setup. There are three common configurations of a tubeless tire.

Universal Standard Tubeless (UST) Rims

This rim style was designed in 1999 by well-known manufacturers like Hutchinson, Mavic, and Michelin.

Each sidewall and its internal edges include a patented hooked design. It has the same shape and seals as the tire beads. This type of rim is designated to work with the CST tires.

Tubeless Ready Rims

Tubeless-ready rims include a hooked sidewall design that is different compared to the UST models. It does not include any tube and locks the bead securely with the tire beads.

It has higher sidewalls compared to the standard rim design. There is a “ramp ” in the center that assists the beads to slide up against the sidewalls with additional air pressure.

Some manufacturers designed the interior of this rim without spoke holes. You need to use special rim tape to cover the spoke holes in other rim types.

Aftermarket valves can be integrated with the spoke holes of tubeless-ready rims because it is large enough. Standard rims do not include large holes so you might have to drill a wide opening to attach the valves.

Standard Rims

This rim design is almost similar to the tubeless-ready rims. Standard rims include a shorter sidewall with rounder flanges. The top of the sidewall includes a hooked design that is barely noticeable. The center of this rim does not include any ramp for the bead installation.

Rim Tape and Rubber Strips of Tubeless-Tire

The wider rim tape of the tubeless-ready model protects the spoke holes by covering them and creating a seal between the beads. This tape is not an ordinary tape and it’s constructed with a durable material that is pliable and resistant to the sealant.

A rubber strip with a pre-attached valve is used while converting the standard rim into tubeless. This pliable tape is not ordinary and is made out of durable material resistant to the sealant.

Tubeless Valves vs. Inner Tubes

Tubeless tire setup includes various valve (Details about valve) designs assigned by the manufacturers. To keep everything intact, the threaded Presta Valve includes a rubber gasket at one end and a lock nut on the other end.

The removable core allows riders to flatten the tire and quickly top off the sealant when necessary. You won’t have to dismount the bead and rim or repeat the process.

How Tubeless Tire Sealant work to Protect Holes

Tire Manufacturer companies use their own formula where the common ingredient is latex. The Sealant also includes micro-sealing particles that remain suspended. The particles cover the puncture or tear when air escapes and closes it instantly. Riders can move with ease after adding some air pumps.

The sealant dries up and gets hard inside the tire but eventually prevents the tire puncture. You need to add sealant regularly inside the tire. You don’t need to open the seal between the bid of the tire and the rim.

Comparison between Standard, Tubeless, and UST bike Tires

There are two types of bike tires: Folding tires and non-folding tires. Folding tires are made out of Kevlar-based fibers and non-folding tires are made out of sturdy steel wire.

While riding a bike with non-folding tires you may require extra elbow grease compared to folding tires. With the right tool, you can easily convert the modern tires and rims into a tubeless setup.

How UST Tubeless Tires Work

UST tires have a square-shaped bid that matches the UST rims. It has a patented sidewall and bead shape that is supposed to stay together tightly. The seal of this tire is very reliable and does not require any sealant.

How Tubeless-Ready Tires Work

Some manufacturers advertise their products as tubeless-ready or tubeless-compatible tires, which is just a marketing policy. There is no significant difference between the tubeless-ready tire and UST tubeless tire. However, there is a difference between the design pattern of different manufacturers.

Generally, the beads of the tubeless-compatible tire have strong edges compared to regular tires. This tire is designed with thicker and heavier casing rubber which adds extra puncture protection.

How Tubeless Tires Work
How Tubeless Tires Work

Pros and Cons of Tubeless Tires


Getting Fewer Flats

Mountain bikers mostly ride on rough trails, and their bike tires hit hard and sharp objects. Hard rock or sharp objects can tear a tube tire easily after a hard impact with the tire. Whether the tire is slightly flat or has pinch holes, you must fix it to continue biking. If you are using tubeless tires, you won’t have to worry too much about fixing any flat or holes on your bike tires.

The tubeless tire faces few puncture flats compared to other bike tires due to the sealant. Mountain bikers can now enjoy more biking and think less about their bike tires.

Better Ride

Some professional mountain bikers have mentioned that they enjoy the ride better with the tubeless tires. You don’t need much pressure to ride a bike with tubeless tires because it creates more contact with the ground. Due to better contact with the ground, it makes more traction in the corners of the tire.

You can have better control over the bike’s momentum while running at a lower PSI. You can avoid bouncing off of the obstacles. Tubeless tires can absorb minor bumps in rough trails and give you a smoother riding experience.

Saving Weight

You can save some weight by switching your mountain bike tires into tubeless tires. There are different options you can choose from while selecting tubeless tires. Generally, you can exclude 200 grams by removing the standard tube from your bike tire.

The sealant and inflation valve inside the tubeless tire add almost the same weight as the tube. If you can save minimal weight inside the tire, you have to use less energy while riding. Eventually, you can ride for a long time without feeling tired.


Spending More Money

A tubeless tire costs more than tubed tires but brings you better value and comfort. Top-rated mountain bike tire companies offer tubeless-ready tires. This tire comes with advanced rubber materials that are lightweight but strong enough.

Takes Longer to Mount

It takes a bit more effort and tricks to install a tubeless tire. The tire bead must be appropriately connected with the rim, and the seal has to be airtight. You have to add the sealant carefully and quickly.

Carry a Tube

Your tires may be flat while riding when the damage is too much for the sealant to self-restore. In this situation, you have to put a tube in the tire. This is why you should carry an emergency spare tube.

Mess with Sealant

The process of putting sealant between the tire and rim is messy. You have to use many clothes and components to clean the sealant, which is not pleasant. It would help if you changed the dried-out sealant routinely.

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With our mentioned information about how tubeless tires work, you can determine that some extra patience is required to set up a tubeless bike tire. Tubeless tires have a better puncture protection ability and it saves your time as it does not require too many replacements. With decreased weight and improved traction, you will surely be able to ride your mountain bike smoothly.

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