Types of Bike Tire Valves

Types of Bike Tire Valves

Mountain Bike tire valves are not huge but it plays a crucial role in providing a comfortable ride. Using different types of tire valves will improve your riding experience to a whole new level.

While pumping the tires you will notice the difference between the types of bike tire valves. Schrader valves are commonly used tire valves and Presta valves are thin and exotic. We are presenting a detailed review of the types of bike tire valves that you need to know as a Mountain bike rider.

Available Types

There are two common types of bike tire valves that are available in the market. Schreder valve is the type of valve that is similar to the valves used in cars.

Most of the lower-priced Mountain bike models consist of this type of tire valve. On the other hand, expensive bike tires are inflated with a Presta valve which is only used in mountain bikes.

Here are some detailed differences that will help you to determine the types of bike tire valves:


These valves have the same circumference from top to bottom but wider compared to a Presta valve. Some Shrader valves are covered with rubber when it is used on wheels.

A pump head is attached to the threaded outer wall of the tire. It has a pin on the center which is a check valve loaded with springs. This pin controls the airflow of the valve from inside and outside. You have to create pressure on the pin to let the air flow get inside.


Presta is not wider than the Schrader valve and it’s made out of metal. It is narrowed on the top portion, and some are threaded from top to bottom.

You have to unscrew the nut at the top to open the valve stem. Presta tire valve does not include any check valve like Schrader valves.

This valve gets sealed based on the pressure upon the tube or tire. You can remove the entire core of a Presta valve which is not recommended.

You should be careful while opening the screws of the stem and avoid unscrewing the core. The air inside the valve will flow out entirely if you unscrew the core.


There are some parts of the globe where you will see a different type of valve named the Woods or Dunlop valve. These valves are fatter than the Presta valve and not used in mountain bikes.

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Tube Valve Location on a Bike

Tube valves are specifically placed on the tires inside the rim extended to the hub. Shredder fittings are placed in the suspensions and dropper seat post of a mountain bike. It is generally used inside the dropper seat post.

Reason for Using Presta Valves

Presta valves are more suitable for mountain bike wheels for some specific reasons. It improves the rim strength because it requires smaller holes in the rim. These light valves help allows the high-performing wheels to spin smoothly without balancing the stem weight.

Mechanical check valves are not required in the Presta valve system and can seal properly on air pressure. This valve can also be extended with adaptors that make it perfect for extensive aerodynamic rims.

Bike tire valves

Best Type of Bike Tire Valve

Presta pumps include a unique rubber gasket in their head that fits securely around a Presta valve. Schrader pump includes a pin which is located in the center of the chuck. The Schrader stems check valve is depressed by the pin. You cannot fit a Schreder pump into a Presta tube.

Nowadays pumps are featured with dual-headed designs that represent three types:

Twin Head

Some floor pumps come with twin-headed designs where the gaskets are separated on both Presta and Schrader valves.

Swappable Head

Some framed and mini-pump include swappable heads. The gasket of these pumps has a chronicle hole. You just need to unscrew the cap on the chuck and turn the gasket to the side and screw the cap back again.

Adjustable Head

you don’t need to swap any internal parts to fit adjustable heads on Presta and Schrader valves. You have to press the head gently onto the valve and then flip the lever before pumping it.

Tire pumps are not ideal for suspensions and similarly, suspension pumps cannot be used in tires. Tire pumps cannot create the amount of pressure that a suspension element requires. Suspension pumps have a better tuning option. Suspension pumps are so small that they cannot create enough pressure to inflate the tires properly.

Replacing the Valves

You have to replace the whole tube if you want to replace the valve. Generally, the valves are attached to the tubes. You may need to change the valve in two scenarios:

Tubeless Valves

Knurled nuts are used in Presta valves for tubeless tires that attach the valve with the rim. If the seal fails to keep the air inside then you can replace the valve. Some tubeless valves are designed to fit in a specific rim model. You should replace the valve with the exact model to seal the tube properly.

Core Replacement

You can replace the core of some Presta valves by unscrewing them. Replacing the core is necessary when your tire isn’t holding sufficient air or the sealant is clumped with the core. You can get replacement cores at any closest local bike shop. Replace the core of the valve only if it has small and flat sections on its sides that taper to the top nut.


So, to explain the types of bike tire valves of mountain bikes, there are two commonly used tube valves named Presta and Shrader that have significant benefits and disadvantages as well. We are not pointing out the difference between these two or which is better. Just letting you know the types of bike tire valves that you can choose from.

You should know the benefits of the valve type depending on the type of mountain bike that you are using. Presta tube valve is highly recommended and used on mountain bikes whereas Schrader can be used on other bikes.


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